PTFE (Polytetrafluorethylen), also known as Teflon, Hostaflon or Fluon.

PTFE owns a unique combinatio of excellent qualities:

         - lowest frictionworth of all solid substances
         - smooth, refusing surface
         - almost universal chemical resistance
         - no adsorption of moisture, does not swell
         - good unlubricated operation characteristics
         - usual operation temperatures from -200°C to +280°C
         - good insulation properties

PTFE  is a high performance synthetic material that enables to fulfill the growing standarts of modern technique. Products that want to take their place on nowadays market have to be easy to service, maintainance-poor or -free and reliable in any way.
PTFE is used in chemical plants as well as in foodstuff industries in the form of gaskets, compensators and linings. From heavy hydraulics to the laundry dryer the usage in mechanical engineering is ranged. In the construction of vehicles PTFE is used in the power steering, the clutch, the automatic transmission and the ABS brake. In electro-technology PTFE is very gladly used both due to its good insulating properties and the outstanding temperature resistance and elasticity.
Ptfe can be adapted by additive of fillers individually to the respective requirements. In addition are suitable glass fiber, coal, bronze, graphite, MoS², high-grade steel, Calziumfluorid and pigments, in addition, high temperature plastics such as Polyimid and PPS.